Babes First Mural

Hey Ya'll,

So I installed my first mural in Strawberry Mansion in the beginning of December (See in 'Bodies of Work' section of my site here). That's right, 14ft wide and 7 ft tall colorful Blur goodness. Aimed to inspire, and empower the beautiful citizens that inhabit Philadelphia. Specifically - the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. The mural features my phrase, "We All Need To Be Heard," delivered in a new and exciting way. The mediums for this project were exterior paint, and a large hand painted paper portrait that I wheat pasted onto the wall. 

Humans essentially all need to be heard in life, it's one of our core needs. I've always been enamored by this. Seeing the many ways we all aren't heard, from as intimate as within our relationships and families, to as large as within our communities and our countries. Speaking up about what we need, and how we feel is scary, and our society has taught us to not live that way. But essentially when we feel heard, and understood, we feel a sense of belonging and security... WE ALL - NEED TO BE HEARD.

Want to see it? Check it out as well as two other murals on the block of W Colona Street. 


Photo credit  Doomed Future

Photo credit Doomed Future