An Ode To 2017

Oh 2017... You were an asshole & Thank you.

We all know why you were an asshole 2017 - we know what you did! So why am I even thanking you? Well I'm getting to that. I'm thanking you because I'm able to say I feel more present now than I have in a while, (dare I say ever?). 2017 was the year of speaking out and sharing stories. Not just by me, not just by those who entrusted me with their stories, but nationally and internationally. Speaking up and claiming our stories is catching on. Little by little we will be heard and we will be seen. 2017, personally - you were hot and cold with me. A year filled with heartaches, uncertainties, fear, and bad ass moments and achievements. There was love and family, new chances taken, rebellion and unity in the face of hate. There was self discoveries and self worth finally, finally found. A balanced year where I faced old and new demons that includes trauma counseling for rape, and current health obstacles with my chronic illnesses that are ever changing yet never going away. A year I learned I can and will live alongside those demons. 2017 you were an asshole, but I punched back and empowered myself through speaking up and writing it down, taking up public space as a woman, and being a voice for others. My hope is that in 2018 I continue to grow as a human and an artist. And 2018? We all know bad things will always have their place each year, but try not to be so horrible to watch this time around. If you are, and you'd like to take after 2017...well you know what we'll do - fight back. 

IN CONCLUSION: Keep watching and listening my dears... I'm not shutting up yet. 


PS: I want to take a second and give ya'll a shout out - THANK YOU for your support, your love, your connection, and for following along.