The Story Behind Blur.

Blur is an anonymous Philadelphia based street artist and poet who strives to create unifying artwork that addresses our basic human need to be seen and heard. I've admired street art for as long as I remember. How walking down the street became like walking through a museum - ever inspiring, every changing, ever accessible. After a life time of creating art that stayed in my room or hung in galleries, I dove into street art in the Fall of 2015 quickly becoming known for my mouth design. During that time my health plummeted in ways I never imagined. For months I quite literally could not speak, my words a sea of vowels. But a fire inside me ignited during that time, I had so much I wanted and needed to say and demanded to be heard. Blur was created from desperation, a need to be heard and seen as more than the rolls I’ve been placed in. And while I continue on my path of healing and taking up more space in the world, I'll keep creating street art as a way to find my voice again. Hopefully I'll inspire you to find yours too


My Mission

Though the inspiration of my work stems from a very deep and personal space, my motivation to keep creating is to have a positive impact on my community. I want to challenge anyone who sees my work to be vulnerable, empathetic, to say what they need to say in their own lives. Most importantly, I hope to have a connection with every single one of you. - Now let’s take up space together.