Photo by Streets Dept

Photo by Streets Dept

Streets Dept

“I Will Not Shrink Myself…” Blur and Yuenglingblingbling Collaborate on New Street Art Series  -  December 6, 2016: Read It Here

“Soar. Ascend. Rise.” Inspiring New Work by Blur,"  -  March 27, 2017: Read It Here

"Create Art with Philly Street Artists Blur and Ishknits Tomorrow at #SpeakUpPHL, A Feminist Art Workshop,"  -  March 3, 2017:   Read It Here

"Feminist Art Series, #SpeakUpPHL, Pops Up Around Philly,"  -  April 16, 2017: Read It Here

"Announcing #SurpriseArtShow: A Pop-Up Public Art Exhibition in Center City This Week!"  -  April 3, 2017: Read It Here

"New Street Art Project by Blur is Inspired by the Real Stories of Philadelphia Women,"  -   May 7, 2017: Read It Here

Interviews With Street Artists: Empowering Yourself with Blur,”  - November 6th, 2017: Read It Here

Rob 10k Friends

' 592. "The image I chose was because I couldn't speak, and I have a lot to say." '

December 10, 2016

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Photo by Rob

Photo by Rob

Photo by Blur. - My contribution to Signs of Solidarity, 2017

Photo by Blur. - My contribution to Signs of Solidarity, 2017

The Velvet Glove

February 2017

'Prose Bitch,' By Matthew Herzog. 

" ‘Though my work did not start with the instinctive thought of wanting to protest social issues and be an act of activism within Philadelphia, I believe the notion of myself, a woman, exploring my past demons and current life issues through street art – became a method of activism.' "

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Time Out Philly

August 2017

'Three new Philly street artists you should follow on Instagram'

"Beginning as a sticker artist just two years ago, she garnered greater attention when she started creating larger wheatepaste series that centered on empowering her own voice and the voices of Philly women"

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